A special menu designed for you


Avocado and tomatoes salad 12,95€

Caesar salad (Iceberg lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, home made Caesar sauce. To choose: crunchy chicken, grilled chicken) 16,95€

Prawns Caesar salad Iceberg lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, home made Caesar sauce, prawns) 17,95€

Capresse salad (Rocket, ecologic tomato, Buffalo mozzarella and pesto sauce) 16,95€

Warm salad (Lettuce mezclum, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, warm goat cheese salad with red berries jam) 15,95€

Crab salad (Lettuce mezclum, cherry tomatoes, crab, pineapple, avocado, corn and pink sauce) 16,95€

Feta cheese salad (cucumber, tomato, Feta cheese) 16,50€

Greek salad (Lettuce mezclum, Feta cheese, ecologic tomato, cucumber, kalamata olive, yougurt sauce and oregano) 15,50€


Veal carpaccio (Veal tenderloin, rocket, cherry tomatoes, green chilli pepper and parmesan cheese) 17,95€

Carpaccio cherne (Bread, Cherne fish, avocado, marinated cucumber and lime) 18,50€

Marinated cherne fish with citrus and julienne vegetables 19,95€

Salmon toast (Norwegian smoked salmon on cereal bread with mustard dressing, honey and dill) 19,50€

Iberian Ham Pata Negra 26,95€

Natural Cockles 9,95€

Razor shell 19,50€

Mussels 12€

Scallops 12€

Anchovies 19,50€


Vegan toast (Wholemeal bread, hummus, kalamata olives, beets and wakame) 10,95€

Vegetable spatter panini with avocado cream 16,50€

Vegan sandwich (Wholemeal bread, rocket, organic tomato, avocado, pesto, cabbage sprouts) 11,95€


Ham and cheese (Country bread, smoked ham and cheese) 11,95€

Club sandwich (Country bread, chicken, bacon, egg, edam cheese, salad and mayonnaise with lime) 16,95€

Chicken curry sandwich (Country bread, curry chicken, salad and mayonnaise with lime) 13,95€

Roast beef sandwich (Country bread, arugula, dried tomato and honey yogurt sauce) 19,50€


French fries 4,50€

Nachos 150 gr. 2,50€


Traditional gourmet hamburger (Focaccia, beef, cheddar, bacon and salad) 17,50€

Gourmet hamburger (Focaccia, beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onion and barbecue sauce) 17,50€

American hamburger (Classic bread, beef, cheddar cheese and salad) 14,50€

Tex-mex hamburger (Classic bread, beef, cheddar and edam cheeses, bacon, guacamole, jalapeños, chili, nachos and sour cream) 16,95€


Berlin hot dog (Frankfurter sausage, sauerkraut, pickle, mustard sauce) 11,95€

New york hot dog (Frankfurt sausage, bacon, crispy onion, cheddar sauce and BBQ sauce) 12,95€


Quesadillas (Wheat tortilla, chicken, cheddar and edam and smoked ham) 14,85€

Chili Burrito (Wheat tortilla, chili con carne, cheddar and edam) 16,50€

Nachos (Crispy Nachos, chili con carne, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar sauce and jalapeño) 15,95€


Mini hamburger (Hamburger, veal and edam cheese bread) with french fries 9,50€

Mini hot dog (puppy bread and cooking sausage) and french fries 9,50€

Mixed sandwich (smoked ham and edam cheese) and french fries 7,50€

Chicken nuggets and french fries 8,50€


Ruinart Bottle: 90,00€

Moët & Chandon Brut Bottle: 80,00€

Moët & Chandon Ice Bottle: 90,00€

Mumm Brut Bottle: 69,00€

Mumm Rose Bottle: 79,00€

Don Perignon Bottle: 250,00€

Taittinger Brut Bottle: 85,00€

Cava Perelada Stars Glass: 3,90€ | Bottle: 25,00€

Cava Deep Blue Sea Glass: 3,90€ | Bottle: 25,00€


White wine José Pariente Glass: 6,50€ | Bottle: 25,00€

White wine Nebla Bottle: 21,00€

Dry white wine Glass: 4,50€ | Bottle: 23,00€

Fruity white wine Flor de Chasna Bottle: 25,50€

White wine Vega del Yuco Bottle: 24,94€

White wine Vega Norte Bottle: 24,94€

Red wine Finca Resalso Bottle: 25,00€

Red wine Rioja Glass: 4,50€ | Bottle: 23,00€

Rose wine Pamplemousse Glass: 4,50€ | Bottle: 23,00€

Rose wine Chivite Bottle: 30,00€

Rose wine Trevejos Bottle: 32,95€


Mojito, Daikiri, Piña colada, Margarita, Love on the Beach, Caipiriña, Caipirosca, Tequila Sunrise 7,95€

Alcohol free cocktail 5,00€
Drinks (Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Gin) 7,95€

Drinks with Red Bull 8,95€


Boody Mary, Long Island Ice Tea, Negroni, Gin Fizz, Mai Tai, Black Russian 10,95€

Aperol Spritz 9,00€


Macaronesian Lime and orange or strawberry – orange 10,50€

Hendricks Slices of cucumber and junipers 10,50€

Brockmans Red fruits, cinnamon 10,50€

Puerto de Indias Strawberry, orange 10,50€

Citadelle Slice of apple and cinnamon branch 10,50€

Tanqueray Rangpur Slice of lime 10,50€


Rum (Arehucas oro/blanco, Bacardi, Havana 3) / Vodka Absolut / Ginebra Beefeater 80,00€

Whisky Jameson / Red Label 80,00€

Premium Rum (Havana 7) 110,00€

Premium Gin (Puerto de Indias, Macaronesia, Brookmans, Hendricks, Cittadelle, Tanqueray Rangpur) 110,00€

Premium Whisky (Black Label, Jack Daniels) 110,00€


Red wine Spanish Sangria 1 L. 21,95€

Sparkling wine Sangria 1 L. 23,00€

Mojito 1 L. 33,95€


Heineken bottle 4,50€

Alcohol free beer (Heineken, Buckler) 3,00€

Cruzcampo gluten free beer 4,00€

Desperado 4,50€

Desperado bucket (6 units) 22,95€

Sol beer 4,25€

Sol beer bucket (6 units) 21,95€

Kopparberg flavoured ciders 5,50€

Ladrón de Manzanas cider 4,50€

Glass of Spanish Sangria 3,90€


Still water 50 cl. 2,95€

Sparkling water 50 cl. 2,95€

Soft Drinks 30 cl. 2,95€

Soft Drinks 40 cl. 3,95€

Appletiser 3,95€

Red Bull 3,95€

Fever-Tree tonic 3,50€

Nordic tonic 2,50€

Juices 3,00€

Smoothies (mango, strawberry and passion fruit) 4,50€

Milkshakes or juices of fresh fruit (strawberry, pineapple, red fruits or banana) Max. 2 flavors 4,95€

Lime slush 3,00€

Protein shake 4,00€


Ron miel / Jagermeister / Vodka Pomelo / Tequila 3,00€

Tequila Exelia 4,50€